October 2014

Everybody loves the EZ-2.0 throttle body, and the EZ-2.0 is a great self-learning system. But many people want the additional ability to touch up the tunes using a laptop so the Sportsman XFI was created (idle control for radical cams, cold start, AE fuel, etc.)  But it assumed port injection. NOW, there is a Sportsman XFI kit that includes the EZ-2.0 throttle body, a plug-and-go simple harness, and 8 throttle body injectors that can easily handle > 800 HP.  But those 8 injectors were often too large for smaller milder engines.  So this new kit phases in the injectors.  So you are running on only four injectors until you go past 70% duty cycle then the additional 4 injectors are phased in.  Is that cool or what?

Finally, a simple bolt on system like the EZ, that gives you control for radical cams if you need it, enough injector flow for > 800 HP, yet with phased injectors so the low end can be tamed.

$2700 for everything: ECU harness, throttle body with 8 injectors and all sensors. 

New Ignition Products

Part # 30-6410 - Complete ignition system (box and coil)   $310

Part # 30-6425 - E6 ignition box only    $240

Part # 30-8250 - E6 coil only   $81

Crank Triggers (part # based on application) - $220

Part # 30-1517

More info HERE
New XFI Sportsman
Part # 30-3000


More info HERE

to download the Sportsman software now

Here's a complete list of everything you would need for a late model 5.7/6.1 Hemi conversion

5.7 = $3230
6.1 = $3182

These complete Hemi conversion kits includes a new 90 mm cable driven throttle body to replace the "drive-by-wire" OEM unit.  With the XIM unit it completely supports the Coil On Plug (COP) technology.  Training CD is included for free as well as free tech support.

The FAST XFI System

Version 2.0+

The basic 2.0 XFI system comprises: The ECU (sequential or bank-to-bank under software control), Software, Wide Band O2 Sensor with cable, and Lap Top serial cable: $1700
XFI with Traction Control (ITC): $2000
XFI with Internal Data Logging (IDL):
XFI with both ITC and IDL:
Fuel Injectors  

I buy fuel injectors from many different sources so the price really depends on the application and the manufacturer.

My primary source are:
FAST, Siemens, Deka and Bosch

Throttle Bodies 1250 cfm (red anodized), 4150 style, with TPS and IAC = $605

2200 cfm (polished), 4500 style, with TPS with provision for using GM style IAC = $780

Sensors Air Temp Sensor = $12
Map Sensor, 1 Bar=
$42, 2 Bar=$67, 3 Bar=$95
Coolant Temp Sensor =
FAST Dual Sync Distributors for Chevy's ($345), Fords ($355) and now for Mopars $399