New EDASH from SEMA 2013
Part # 30-1517

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New XFI Sportsman from SEMA 2013
Part # 30-3000

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Here is the upgrade pricing
for converting from an earlier XFI to version 2.0


FAST XFI-2.0 Upgrades

* If you want a new XFI case (that has the 2.0 on it), you'll have to send your ECU back to FAST.  Charge is $125.

* If you are okay with your case as-is, then the software upgrade is only $75, and you don't have to remove the ECU - just email me the serial # and I'll email you back the upgrade.

Here's a complete list of everything you would need for a BB RB Mopar.

Of course you'd need an EFI fuel pump etc. but I assume you knew that.

Here's an entire Fast XFI system an RB MOPAR

Training CD and tech support $FREE
30-1000 FAST XFI 2.0 ECU (with wideband O2, software, laptop cable, etc) $1650
30-1100 Main Harness $350
30-1200 Injector Harness
Sensors (1 bar map, water temp, air temp)
30-7603 1250 cfm 4 barrel throttle body (red anodized), 4150 style, with TPS and IAC $
30-5013 Dual Sync distributor for RB blocks
29545 Edelbrock RB EFI manifold
3640 Edelbrock Fuel Rail Kit for 29545
TOTAL = $3593

Injectors vary in price depending on style, impedance, fuel compatibility, and horsepower level.

EZ-EFI version 2

30400-KIT (no fuel system)          $2300

30401-KIT with intank fuel pump (only one that will do returnless)                     $2900

30402-KIT with inline fuel pump  $2700

NEW as of 2014
30404-KIT - EZ 2.0 for port injection using EV6 injector connectors. $1290

With all retro kits, injectors, throttle body, and sensors are extra.
EZ-EFI 2.0

Here's a complete list of everything you would need for a late model 5.7/6.1 Hemi conversion

5.7 = $3100
6.1 = $3082

These complete Hemi conversion kits includes a new 90 mm cable driven throttle body to replace the "drive-by-wire" OEM unit.  With the XIM unit it completely supports the Coil On Plug (COP) technology.  Training CD is included for free as well as free tech support.

Self Tuning EZ version 1.0

30226-kit: As shown to the right.

30227- master kit: Same as 30226 but includes 600 HP 307502 fuel system.
Click HERE for details on the throttle body EZ systems.

302000: EZ EFI for port injection  (requires separate throttle body and sensors)
Click HERE for more details on EZ for Port Injection.

304155: FAST EZ-EFI Dual Quad Upgrade Kit
This upgrade kit adds a second throttle body and injectors.

Click HERE for details

Easy Carb-To-EFI Conversion

* Haven't got an EFI manifold?
* Don't want to remove the manifold you have?
* Afraid of EFI tuning issues?
* Don't want to use a Laptop?

These systems are
self-tuning, meaning they do not require tuning experience or a laptop. Hook them up, answer the set-up questions on the hand-held display, and the systems truly tunes themselves. The basic EZ-EFI is a complete system including the ECU, wide-band O2 sensor, Map, IAC, wiring harness, fuel injectors, fuel pump kit (optional), and the 4150 style EFI Throttle Body. 

The 30226 and 30227 kits are designed for anyone with an existing 4150 type intake manifold. Everything comes with the throttle body, including (4) 65 lb/hr fuel injectors, and it works with the original carb-style linkage.  This system uses a is a full Speed Density algorithm so it is truly hands off.  The system starts rich and gradually decreases the VE fuel as you drive, resulting in almost a perfect tune.  The 302000 kit is made for port injection manifolds and requires a separate throttle body and sensors.

I have personally tested this system against the other systems that are out there and the EZ-EFI was worth the wait.  It really works!

FAST Training and Installation CD

"Taking The Mystery & Intimidation Out of EFI"

This CD (Windows .WMV format) is an easy to follow, professional production which actively demonstrates the proper step up and use of the FAST XFI Fuel Injection System. Covers everything; theory, tools, software and techniques. This Windows CD allows you to review each chapter separately so you can navigate and view the chapters in any order you choose, Making it easy to go back and review any section.

Click Here for a list of Chapters.

The FAST XFI System

Version 2.0

The basic 2.0 XFI system comprises: The ECU (sequential or bank-to-bank under software control), Software, Wide Band O2 Sensor with cable, and Lap Top serial cable: $1650
XFI with Traction Control (ITC): $1950
XFI with Internal Data Logging (IDL):
XFI with both ITC and IDL:
Fuel Injectors  

I buy fuel injectors from many different sources so the price really depends on the application and the manufacturer.

My primary source are:
FAST, Siemens, Deka and Bosch

Throttle Bodies 1250 cfm (red anodized), 4150 style, with TPS and IAC = $605

2200 cfm (polished), 4500 style, with TPS with provision for using GM style IAC = $780

Sensors Air Temp Sensor = $11
Map Sensor, 1 Bar=
$40, 2 Bar=$65, 3 Bar=$90
Coolant Temp Sensor =
Dual Sync
FAST Dual Sync Distributors for Chevy's ($345), Fords ($355) and now for Mopars $399

Converted Accel distributors from $430, and we can  convert your MSD for $100.

EFI Fuel Systems Part # 307502
Complete EFI fuel system kit for up to
600HP normally aspirated. 
Can be used inside or outside fuel tank.
EFI Fuel Systems Part # 307500
Complete EFI fuel system kit for up to
700 HP forced induction or 1000 HP normally aspirated.
Can be used inside or outside fuel tank.
EFI Fuel Systems Part # 307501
Complete EFI fuel system kit for up to
1400 HP forced induction or 1900 HP normally aspirated.
Can be used inside or outside fuel tank.

Note: Fuel lines themselves are not included with any fuel systems.