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This is your source for Electronic Fuel Injection systems and conversions.
So why buy from us?  Because our prices are better, and this is all we do.  We communicate, we answer the phone, and can answer your questions.  With EFI you NEED somebody you can talk to!


From Las Vegas
SEMA Nov 2013

  Sportsman XFI bridges the gap between EZ and XFI systems.

New (much better looking) FAST EDASH for all XFI systems.

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and EDASH documenation!

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EZ-EFI 2.0 Pricing - see the Products page

Fast is offering both the original EZ-EFI and the new EZ-EFI 2.0
Many customers do not need or want ignition control.  They want to leave their ignition as-is.
Other's like the idea of adding an ignition box and controlling the timing from the EZ 2.0 ECU.

EZ-EFI 2.0 adds the ability to run E85 and it controls ignition timing the same way the XFI does, namely driving the points wire on an external ignition box like an MSD 6AL.
Click HERE to see a breakdown of the EZ-EFI 2.0 features

EZ-EFI 1.0

This is the original EZ-EFI 1.0

EZ-EFI new version 2.0 has it's own page
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Free Base XFI 2.0 Programs
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Version 2.0 is here.
Special comments about the upgrade are HERE.
You need to read this for a successful 2.0 transition

Review the "What's New" page or feel free to call me to get a person-to-person update.

I have now updated many of my customers to version 2.0 and the feedback has been fantastic.
Bottom line - it works!

So now you have many ways to go to EFI:

* Top-of-the-line XFI 2.0 - Port injection, NA or boosted, any fuel, self learning, NOS control, turbo control, traction control, etc.

* EZ-EFI - the easiest and quickest way to upgrade to EFI. Single or dual throttle body style, or port injection.

The famous FAST XFI System is shown above with the new EZ-EFI shown below.

And for those of you that like dual quad manifolds I also offer the ...

FAST EZ-EFI Dual Quad Upgrade Kit

This upgrade kit adds a second throttle body and injectors for added horsepower potential
with the same self-learning and easy setup as the original EZ-EFI

Click HERE for details

Click HERE for Info


for Port Injection

Part # 30-2000


My price: $885

Click HERE for more details.

Click HERE for a copy of the instructions.


EZ-EFI for PORT Injection manifolds  -------------->

Most of you know that I love port injection and the benefits of running a dry manifold.

The EZ-EFI was a giant step because it eliminated laptop tuning which was intimidating to many people.  But it's throttle body injection.

Since the EZ ECU can drive 8 high-Z injectors,
FAST has an EZ-EFI kit for Port Injection!
This has the potential of changing the entire EFI landscape.  No tuning, self learning system, with all the benefits of port injection.
Click HERE, Call or email me for more details.


$1774 for the basic kit without a fuel system. - or - 

$2170 for the "master" kit that includes the fuel system (pump, filters, fittings, etc)

Click HERE for more details.

EZ-EFI for CARB replacement using your existing manifold  -------------->

* Haven't got an EFI manifold?
* Don't want to remove the manifold you have?
* Afraid of EFI tuning issues?
* Don't want to use a Laptop?

This system is
self-tuning, meaning it does not require tuning experience or a laptop. Hook it up, answer the set-up questions on the hand-held display, and the system truly tunes itself. The EZ-EFI is a complete system including the ECU, wide-band O2 sensor, Map, IAC, wiring harness, fuel injectors, fuel pump kit (optional), and the 4150 style EFI Throttle Body. 

This system is designed for anyone with an existing 4150 type intake manifold. Everything comes with the throttle body, including (4) 65 lb/hr fuel injectors, and it works with the original carb-style linkage.  This system uses a is a full Speed Density algorithm so it is truly hands off.  The system starts rich and gradually decreases the VE fuel as you drive, resulting in almost a perfect tune.

I have personally tested this system against the other systems that are out there and the EZ-EFI was worth the wait.  It really works!