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Electronic Fuel Injection Specialist
Using the FAST XFI System

We are your source for FAST XFI EFI systems and tuning.
We communicate, we answer the phone, and can answer your questions. 
With EFI you NEED somebody you can talk to!

New version 2.05 is the latest XFI software version.
Lots of new capabilities - See the Technical Download page for details

XFI Tuning
Many people have asked me what it takes for a professional tune.

There are two levels:

1) On Site: I charge a fixed fee of $500 + expenses whether it takes one day or several days.  In other words I charge for the tune, not by the hour.  Expenses: you cover travel, hotel and food.

2) Via Email - if you are Not a current customer ($200):  You email me a copy of the current program with a log or two (no more than 20 seconds each) showing the areas that need touched up.  We swap programs via email.

If you purchased your system from me then option #2 is free.

Effective June 20 2014

Our value added always been our XFI expertise and tuning.
But we have been receiving 30 to 50 calls a day from the lower end self-tuning users that did not purchase their system from us.  We simply cannot afford to provide all the tech support for free. Therefore:

1) We will only be selling and supporting the XFI and the Sportsman XFI systems.  If you are interested in any of the "no laptop" self-learning systems such as the EZ 1.0 or EZ 2.0, you must purchase them from another source such as directly from FAST, Summit, Jegs, etcetera.

2) We will continue to provide FREE XFI tech support for our customers.

3) If you want to configure a new XFI system, we charge $30 for the quote, which is deducted from your invoice when you purchase your system.

4) If you are a current XFI user who didn't buy from us, but you need our tech support, you may purchase tech support for $30.  XFI tuning remains a separate charge.

Fees are payable via PayPal to richnedbal@msn.com